Concession Menu

Feast your eyes, and satisfy your appetite with the most elaborate food concession menu of any cinema around the globe. Dinner and a movie just got easier with MovieTowne.

Our well stocked food concession and our friendly and efficient staff are ready to serve you everything from the classics to scrumptious dinner options. Dive into a gigantic bag of warm buttery popcorn, feast on delicious hot dogs, juicy chicken breast tenders or some mouth watering appetizers like wantons, onion rings, sweet potato fries and lots more.  Indulge your sweet tooth or savoury craving with a wide array of treats. We've got your favourite eats and treats to complete your outing and leave you satisfied as you sit back and enjoy your movie. 

We serve hundreds and sometimes thousands of guests each day and we are always exploring new methods to increase the efficiency and improve our service to you our valued customers. In order to have the lines move as fast as possible, we kindly ask that you have your menu order ready before you arrive at the concessions counter to avoid any delays for us to prepare your order and for the customers in line after you.


We are happy to serve you at our food concession counter. Browse our menu and see all the yummy delights you can enjoy during your movie outing.

ITEM PRICE (VAT Inclusive)
Popcorn Regular $16.00
Popcorn Large $20.00
Best Deal combo (Lg popcorn & soft drink) $28.00
Caramel Popcorn $22.00
Kids Meal Combo(Tray of popcorn, 16oz. Soft drink & chocolate) $26.00
Kids Meal Combo(Tray of popcorn, 16oz. juice and chocolate) $28.00
ITEM PRICE (VAT Inclusive)
Juice Regular 16 oz. $14.00
Juice Large 32oz. $16.00
Juice Minute Maid Bottle $15.00
Soft Drink Regular 16oz. $13.00
Soft Drink Large 32oz. $15.00
Water Blue Waters 650ml $7.00
Water Dasani 500ml $7.00
Gatorade $12.00
Snapple Apple Plastic 24oz $15.00
Ocean Spray $15.00
Nescafe Coffee $12.00
ITEM PRICE (VAT Inclusive)
Fries $13.00
Wedges $16.00
Sweet Potato Fries $18.00
Hot Dog $15.00
Cheese & Olive Bites $25.00
Chicken Rings $18.00
Onion Rings $16.00
Mozzarella Sticks $22.00
Nachos & Cheese $17.00
Wantons - Chicken $32.00
Wantons - Shrimp $32.00
ITEM PRICE (VAT Inclusive)
Chicken Combo(3 pc., fries, 32oz. soft drink) $40.00
Chicken Combo(3 pc., wedges, 32oz. soft drink) $42.00
Chicken Combo Kids(nuggets, fries, 32oz. soft drink) $26.00
Hot Dog Combo(hot dog, fries, 32oz. soft drink) $30.00
Hot Dog Combo Wedges(hot dog, wedges, 32oz. soft drink) $32.00
Pizza combo with 16oz Soft Drink(sausage or pineapple) $28.00
Pizza combo with 16oz Juice(sausage or pineapple) $30.00
Pizza combo with 16oz Soft Drink(sausage & pineapple) $30.00
Pizza combo with 16oz Juice(sausage & pineapple) $32.00
ITEM PRICE (VAT Inclusive)
Cadbury Chocolates $11.00
Cotton candy $8.00
Cheezees family size $17.00
Glazed Peanuts $8.00
Goobers $9.00
Holiday Snacks Granz Chips $6.00
Kit Kat (4 bars) $10.00
Kit Kat 4 bar Dark chocolate $12.00
Kit Kat Chunky $10.00
M&M (King) $14.00
Oreo $9.00
Oreo Cakesters $9.00
Plantain Chips $11.00
Polo $5.00
Pringles $10.00
Raisinets $10.00
Ripples $17.00
Skittles $10.00
Snickers(King) $14.00
Chips Ahoy $8.00
Sunshine Cashew $7.00
Sunshine Fruit & Nut $6.00
Sunshine Peanuts $6.00
Guru Chocolate Covered Almonds $12.00
Guru Yoghurt Almonds $12.00
Twix(Reg) $8.00