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No Boundaries

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Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with "No Boundaries 2024" – a captivating cinematic masterpiece brought to you by the visionary writer Horace Wilson, the creative genius behind the iconic 1989 Television Series, "No Boundaries." Directed by the talented Marvin Ishmael, this film promises to deliver an extraordinary blend of romance, drama, and psychological suspense against the vibrant backdrop of Trinidad & Tobago. A man entangled in the tumultuous world of party politics finds love amidst chaos and tragedy. With the fervor of a Spanish Novella and the intrigue of a detective novel, all set against the passionate backdrop of the Caribbean, No Boundaries 2024 premieres on Wednesday, 29th May 2024.

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 29/05/2024

Run Time: 150 mins.

Starring: Featuring a stellar cast including Marvin Ishmael, Starr Domingue, Teri-Leigh Bovell, Ruby Parris, Dwayne White, Samara Lallo, Mark Ishmael, Eastlyn Mc Kenzie, Stacey Logan, Arnold Goindhan, Bridget Rampersad, Toni-Ann Lima, Sohanie Bansilal, Nicholas Subero, Stacey Logan, Gabrielle Alleyne, Kearn Samuel, Marvin Dowridge, Penelope Spencer, Cecilia Salazar, Kerah-Lyn Ramsoobhag, Olubusola Oluyemisi-Chung, Geneva Drupaulsingh, David Sammy, Helmer Hilwig and Margaret Babwah, this film promises performances that will leave you spellbound.

Director: Marvin Ishmael

Rating Content: 14+

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