General movietowne advertising policies & guidelines

  • All creative material must be reviewed and approved in advance by MovieTowne to ensure the quality of the production and to confirm suitability for an all ages audience.  MovieTowne reserves the right to refuse ads based on poor quality or suitability.
  • Cinema ads are played in all cinemas before each movie (5-6 movies played per screen per day).
  • Once space is available, your ad approved and contracts have been signed, your ad can start running.
  • Ads will need to be provided according to our specifications requirements.
  • Production set up costs become applicable for each new creative spot being loaded on to our system.
  • Contracts available for 3, 6 and 12 month durations.
  • Advertising space is limited and generally booked in advance for long-term periods.
  • Preferred Positioning (a special position in our play schedule) – Add 15% to rates each month.
  • Brand Exclusivity (to be the exclusive advertised brand in a category) – Add 20% to rates
  • Agency Commission & Vat to be added
  • An advertising contract is only confirmed after an official signing of a MovieTowne contract.

Payment & Policy Information:

Monthly advertising will be billed on the first calendar day of each month for the actual month’s advertising and payment is due within 30 days, for the latest by the 30th of the month.  Outstanding amounts over 30 days will apply a 5% penalty fee on to the monthly charge.  Accounts that operate with continuous late payments will be reviewed and the contract cancelled until settlement.

E.G. 3 Month Contract – Jan – Mar – Bills will be generated on the 1st of each of these months and will become due in 30 days or at the end of each month.

Advertising running Jan 1 – 31 will be billed on January 1st and payment due by January 31st.

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