Chairman's Message

I always loved going to the movies where I grew up in Guyana, and these were some of my fondest childhood memories.  As an entrepreneur, I was constantly pondering on what businesses I could open in Trinidad, that would be both novel and fill a need in our society. Then it hit me, and MovieTowne first began as a dream of mine in 1999.

I looked at the local cinema market and felt that the industry was shrinking and the people's love for going to the movies was dwindling away for various reasons.  Thankfully, I had the opportunity to travel and these new experiences always made me think about how I could contribute to the development of my country and how first world ideas would fit into our culture. I felt Trinidad was starved for year-round entertainment on a regular basis. I also believed that the movie industry was growing and blossoming in the US and around the globe and the same was possible for Trinidad and Tobago.  All of these realizations brought me to the point where I had to develop the idea of building a first-of-its-kind multiplex consisting of a multi-screened cineplex with entertainment and shopping included.

My vision has always been to bring the highest standard of an international movie-going experience to Trinbagonians and to open their eyes and imaginations to fun, healthy family entertainment.  After three years of constant research and determination, and with the support of my investors and Directors, we persevered and overcame all obstacles. Finally, my dream of MovieTowne became a reality in November 2002. 

When I look back over the years that have flown by, my Directors and I are extremely proud of all that MovieTowne has become and are honoured that the people of Trinidad and Tobago have welcomed and embraced our concept. This new brand called MovieTowne was born and is now one of the most popular retail brands synonymous with fun, leisure and quality entertainment. MovieTowne has emerged as the leader of this industry and we continue to expand the franchise and add new innovations and amenities.  We are proud to take our entertainment concept to other communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago and soon to the rest of the Caribbean.  MovieTowne wouldn’t be what it is today without our dedicated and hard working employees and our customers who keep coming back for more. For this we are eternally grateful. The Directors, Management and staff of MovieTowne are committed to delivering excellence in all our products and services and thank you for your support as we strive to bring happiness and enjoyment to our thousands of customers who visit us every day.

Derek A. Chin