As part of its Caribbean expansion drive MovieTowne will also be taking the concept of first-world entertainment to the Republic of Guyana, the first Caribbean country outside of Trinidad and Tobago. Three of the founders and Directors of MovieTowne, Derek Chin, Winfield Scott and Pierpont Scott have strong local roots in Guyana and this was a natural expansion of their business development plans for their company and they were set on raising the entertainment standards of their native country.

MovieTowne Guyana will be situated at Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, located near the popular Sea Wall and The University of Guyana. This Entertainment Mecca will be similar in scope and stature to the flagship MovieTowne, Invader’s Bay, Trinidad location and the citizens of Guyana can look forward to a new world of entertainment, shopping and dining like nothing ever experienced before in Guyana.

This ultra-modern complex will be located on 10 acres of land with a 200,000 sq. feet building footprint offering an array of attractions and leisure amenities for families and entertainment seekers to enjoy. There will be a state of the art 8 screen Cineplex with the latest 2D and 3D Digital Cinema Technology, Dolby Surround audio technology, luxurious seating capacity of 2,000 and a diverse food concession to cater to any appetite. There will also be feature attractions like the new Massy Stores Super Centre with 60,000 sq. feet of supermarket shopping, as well as a vibrant shopping mall with exciting retail businesses from Guyana and Trinidad. Many of the popular local, regional and international restaurant franchises have already signed on including New Thriving and Ruby Tuesday. There are also plans for a live entertainment area and a few amusement rides to add to the magic of this complex.

MovieTowne Guyana is set to transform the lives of the people of Guyana like it has done for Trinidad and Tobago, where it has emerged as the number one destination for family recreation, movie-going, shopping and dining for people of all ages, all ethnicities and all income brackets. It will also provide more than 700 local jobs and provide affordable, all-encompassing entertainment for Guyanese citizens.

This will be a mega project for Guyana’s development and construction is already underway and the project is expected to be completed in 2016.

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This will be the fourth branch in the MovieTowne Trinidad cinema franchise and it is designed to be a real show stopper bringing its unique and dynamic blend of exciting attractions and entertainment to communities in the Southland. MovieTowne San Fernando will be located on a 20 acre development of the new C3 Shopping and Entertainment Centre located in Corinth, along the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway with close proximity to San Fernando.

This project is expected to revolutionize the landscape of entertainment in South Trinidad. MovieTowne San Fernando will offer a sprawling three story facade with a sensational movie theme and architectural design elements similar in scope and scale to the flagship MovieTowne entertainment and shopping complex at Invaders' Bay, Port of Spain. The complex will also comprise themed streets, outdoor promenades, trendy restaurants, fashionable boutiques, a live entertainment area, an anchor Super Centre J.T.A. Supermarket and many other attractions.

The MovieTowne Cineplex will include 8 world-class, luxurious theatres, 1 VIP theatre with a total of 2500 seats with the most technologically advanced audio visual theatres. Construction is underway and the project’s target completion date is set for 2016.

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The Future of Entertainment in Trinidad & Tobago!

With the unparalleled success of the MovieTowne franchise, Derek A. Chin looks forward to his next venture in the coming years. More than 11 acres of prime real estate positioned near the MovieTowne Port of Spain complex annexed to the Gulf of Paria are ready to be transformed into Trinidad & Tobago's latest entertainment experience, Streets of the World.

Streets of the World will feature iconic themes from each of the major countries that catalyzed the culture of the twin islands. From East Indian to Middle Eastern and African, to European and Asian, these major cultural influences will be represented in eight connecting streets. Along with themed boulevards, nine associated activities aim to celebrate the multi-ethnic heritage of Trinidad & Tobago. One of the most unique features will be the Eye in the Sky a larger than life Ferris Wheel that will tower over the development that will bring tremendous excitement to its visitors. Naturally the project will also portray a Carnival Street with an ultra-modern Carnival Museum in an avenue dedicated to and showcasing the colorful inspiration, music, art and designs which represent this integral part of our culture which will be on show 365 days a year.

Accompanying this vast cultural environment will be a modern housing development with views to the water and to the city, as well as close proximity to shops, restaurants and a state-of-art fitness and wellness facility. In addition to this prime real estate development, a local theatre installment will attract and promote local artists to perform for the enjoyment of tourists and citizens alike. A marina, a cruise ship dock and a local water transport hub are also envisioned and will be built in the waters of the Gulf of Paria. A beautiful island aquarium will round up the Streets of the World experience. Much progress has been made to make this vision a reality, and it is our hope that soon, international travellers and citizens of Trinidad and Tobago will walk the Streets of the World.

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